How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Part 2: Tips for Joining an Affiliate Network

Joining an affiliate network used to be quite easy a few years ago but recently this has changed.  The affiliate networks became more and more strict on who they accept. This is perfectly understandable. They want to keep the quality of their networks. They want to make sure that their affiliates produce well for their advertisers. They are also doing this to eliminate those people that send fraud or fake leads to their advertisers.

Depending on what network you're joining, there are certain things that you must know. Affiliate networks that offer digital products such as Clickbank are not as strict as the actual affiliate and CPA networks. It's easy to sign-up with them. All you have to do is create an account and you're ready to go. CPA networks on the other hand are a little bit more stringent. They require a little bit more than just signing-up.
Here's the usual process when signing-up with a network:

1. You, the publisher (affiliate), fill out their application form. Once you filled this out, you will receive an email confirmation of your application. The approval is not automatic.

2. Once the network receives your application, you will be contacted by an affiliate manager via telephone to conduct an interview. An affiliate manager is your contact person at the network if you have questions you have about certain products, payouts, and requirements.

The interview entails asking you questions to determine the level of your knowledge in the industry. Do not let this step intimidate you from trying to apply. I will share tips with you below on how you can get accepted into a CPA network.

3. For the most part, the affiliate manager will let you know before the call ends if you have been accepted into the network. Otherwise, they email you of the outcome.

There are other networks that don't even get to Step #2 above to do an interview. Sometimes they look at the information on your application and they either approve or deny it. Do not let the rejections stop you from trying. There are literally hundreds of affiliate networks that you can apply to. There's definitely one that's bound to accept you, so cheer up but you have got to start somewhere.

Tips for Getting Accepted into Affiliate Networks

Keep in mind that an affiliate network is looking at their best interest and their interest is to bring good qualified leads to their advertisers because these bring them money. However, just because you're a newbie in the industry doesn't make you unqualified in their eyes. Simply doing your homework diligently can make you look good with an affiliate manager and can very well approve your application.

With that said, here are some tips to increase your chances for getting accepted:

1. Make yourself sound knowledgeable.
Getting yourself equipped with the basic knowledge in affiliate marketing or CPA not only helps your application to be approved but it really does help you know your away around in the industry. Familiarize yourself with the terms involved so that when an affiliate manager interviews you, you know what to answer, even if you don't necessarily have an experience. It's "fakin' it till you make it" principle.

Questions that your affiliate manager will most likely ask you:
a. Do you have any experience in affiliate marketing?

The affiliate manager will usually ask you about your experience. You can be honest about your experience like I did. When I was asked about my experience, I told my affiliate manager that I have experience in internet marketing but not necessarily affiliate marketing. What I did was I learned the words related in the industry such as the traffic methods: PPC, search, email, etc. When I got asked about it, I knew what to answer, simply because I did my homework. I researched and got myself familiarized with the terms and made myself look like I can be headed somewhere because I am diligent.

b. What kind of verticals are you most interested at?

When an affiliate manager asks you about "verticals," they are simply referring to a "niche" or industry. The three top money-making verticals are the following:
– Business Opportunities
– Health/Wellness/Fitness
– Dating

You can mention all these three to your manager or just one. You can also simply say "I'm interested in such and such, but what do you suggest? Because I've heard a lot of good things about such and such too…"

c. How do you plan on driving traffic to the offers?
This is where your knowledge about traffic methods will come into play. The following traffic terms are what you need to get yourself familiarized with: Search, Web, Email, Socialnet, and Incentivizable.

I suggest visiting the following forums to get more free information about CPA and terms related to the industry:
Digital Forums
Warrior Forum
Cash Tactics

2. Make yourself look professional.
Affiliate marketing is a business and as such you must conduct yourself as a professional business person. If you're a potential employer and I show up with a resume on a crumpled or torn paper, would you hire me? I wouldn't hire me for crying out loud if I do show up like that! This holds true when applying with a network. When you fill out an application, you will be asked for your website and email address.

First of all, you don't want to send your affiliate manager to a or website. It just does not look like you're serious with being an affiliate. With that said, here are my recommendations:

a. Get your own domain name that you dedicate for your affiliate marketing business. This does not have to be your domain name for the offers you're promoting (although it really depends on what direction you want headed). offers cheap domain name registration.

b. Subscribe to for hosting your blog. Their plan starts at $4.95 I believe.

c. Get your own blog with a professional theme. There are a few companies that offer great and affordable themes. Visit my Recommendations page and look for Themes.

d. Set-up your email with your domain name. (

Having all four of these elements instantly increase your chance of getting accepted into a network. Even though you may not necessarily have an experience, you will make your affiliate managers see that you do have great potential and you can be an asset to the network because you're serious about what you're doing and what to go far with it.

Most of all, have fun getting in this new venture. My next post will be a list of the affiliate networks that you can apply to.
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