Webinar Audio: Blogging for Small Business

If there is one thing I do love about internet, social network, and blogging is the strategic connections you make with people…

I am blessed to experience this on a daily basis. I love the fact that because of my blog and the social networks, I meet great people who made the decision to do extraordinary things.

This afternoon (8.19.2010), I've had the privilege of doing a webinar for an online network of entrepreneurs. Brenda Rivas, CEO and Founder of Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs invited me to talk about Blogging for Small Business.

You can check out their website at www.aoeconnect.com. They do offer great materials for members.

Today's webinar talks about why you should blog for your business, the advantages, the benefits, what's required, and what you should write about. Click here to download Blogging-For-Business-Success-Cirlce and below is the Powerpoint presentation.

Don't also miss out on lots of helpful information from my ebook My 21 Day Social Marketing Roadmap.


Until then!…




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