How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Part 3: List of Affiliate Networks


Since affiliate marketing has gone so huge throughout the years, there have been so many affiliate networks that have popped up to get a share of the wealth in this industry. Some have stayed, others have not lasted. That's why it is important to join a network that is well established. This ensures that you will get paid for your marketing efforts.

Some advertisers choose to spread their offers throughout several networks so you might see the same product across the board while there are others that choose to be exclusive with only one company. Sometimes there are networks that offer higher commission for the same product than others.

How do you know which ones to join? First of all, you must decide on what route do you want to take and what products you want to sell. Are digital products such as ebooks and software something that you might be interested in promoting?

Here are some of the most trusted networks in this type of industry:

a. Clickbank
Clickbank is by far largest affiliate network in the digital information products. They have been around since affiliate marketing first existed. From arts and entertainment, to cooking, business, self-help, travel, and more, you will certainly find a great product to promote.

b. ESellerate
ESellerate is not as big as Clickbank and their product categories are not as broad but they do offer great products that are not available on Clickbank.

c. Payloadz
What I like about Payloadz is that they not only sell ebooks and software in different product categories but they also offer music, audio books, and other files such as fonts, photos, graphics, cliparts and more.

d. PayDotCom
PayDotCom claims to have over 75,000 products, 600,000 affiliates, and up to 80% commission in sales. They also have a wide variety of products.

If digital products are not something that you're interested in promoting…no worries! There are affiliate networks that offer virtually anything and everything:

a. Commission Junction
CJ is one of the oldest, biggest, and most popular affiliate network. If you're just getting started, CJ is definitely one of the networks that you should join in. They offer great name brand products and services. Commission types are based on pay per lead or pay per sale, depending on the requirement of the advertiser.

b. Amazon Associates
Amazon is the world's largest online market place and they do have an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. Personally, this is not a big money maker for me because I only use it when I do product/book review on my blog and earn few cents here and there when someone makes a purchase . However, if you do have a website that does product reviews or plan on starting one, Amazon Associates is a good network to join.

c. Google Affiliate Network
Google, being the leader in almost anything search and advertising, recently launched their affiliate program as well. They offer great brand name products and you can trust that you will be paid on time and your payments are safe with Google.

d. Azoogle Ads
Azoogle Ads is also one of the largest affiliate network and has been around for more than a decade.

e. Other Great Networks to Check Out

Adjump Link Connector
Adscend Media Market Leverage
Clickbooth Maxbounty
Clicksor Monetize It
Convert2Media Neverblue
Copeac Panthera Network
CPA Flash Pepperjam Network
CPA Lead Revenue Ads
CX Digital RevResponse
EWA Network Share a Sale
Elites Click Media  










There are literally hundreds more affiliate networks out there. Just make sure that you do your homework and research abour the company first prior to joining.



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