Is Your Facebook Fan Page an Epic Fail?

Did you create a Facebook page for your business and didn’t know what to do with it afterwards? Don’t worry. You are not alone. I find that many small business owners create Facebook page for their business only to find themselves not knowing how to grow their fan base. Eventually,  the page is left inactive with 5-10 “likers” – the page admin and 9 friends and relatives. *Smile*

The question many people ask me: How do I grow my Facebook fan base? Many Facebook page owners are searching for that exact formula to grow and make their pages successful.

But the question should be: Do you really need a Facebook page or did you just create one to jump on the bandwagon?

See, there is no doubt that having thousands of followers on Facebook helps build your credibility on this day and age of Social Media. If you are after advertisers or sponsors, it certainly is all about numbers game. They would like to know your page views on your website, how many Twitter followers you have, and how big is your fan base on Facebook.

Going back to the question above: Do you really need a Facebook page?

1. Discover if the nature of your product or service will benefit from it.

Consider the following scenario: You’re an independent distributor (say make-up or candles). You have 200 friends on your personal Facebook page but you’re considering creating a page for yourself as an independent distributor with a goal in mind to get your products out there to the public. But how many Facebook users out there actively search for products on Facebook and like the  pages in your industry unless it’s a known brand?

Wouldn’t it be more profitable to focus your marketing on your inner circle (personal Facebook friends list) and let the word-of-mouth do its magic for you?

2. Define your goals for creating a Facebook page.

What would you like your Facebook page to do for you? Increase sales, establish your brand, keep in touch with your current customers, or all of the above?

Many times a Facebook fan page becomes an epic fail because there is no clear definition as to why a Facebook page is created. Knowing what your goals are will help you in your strategy to build your fan base and allow you to capitalize on the power of Facebook pages.

3. Determine if the goals you defined above will serve the needs of your audience.

Social media is a give-and-take relationship…as in any real-life relationship. I find that successful fan pages are the ones that provide important information, products, or services that cater to the needs of a specific group of people or the majority whole and not those who are out there to promote and sell, sell, sell.

It’s a trial and error process. You learn what your audience enjoys as you go. To this day, with over 5,100 fans, I’m still learning what kind of content my audience enjoys on my Facebook page. So don’t be too hard on yourself during this process.

Until then!…


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