What Is Loop Giveaway And Should You Do One?


What is a Loop Giveaway?
It's a form of giveaway on Instagram where several accounts come together and contribute a certain amount that will go towards the prizes. This is usually organized by a host and in this group, it's usually me. 

How Does it Work?
An instruction is usually provided by the host of a particular loop giveaway. Basically, the "sponsors" of the loop (a.k.a ?#‎shopsandbloggers? who contributed the money for the prizes) have to post the giveaway photo and caption provided by the host on a specific schedule all at the same time (i.e. Everyone must post at 8 PM EST). If you or someone who doesn't post on the assigned schedule, you will cause the loop to break and the followers will not be able to complete the loop.

So the mechanics is for the followers to like the giveaway photo and then follow every single account participating in order to win. If there are 30 accounts, they must follow all 30. If there are 50, they must follow all 50 and so on and so forth. To shorten: it's "follow-like-follow".

What Are the Benefits of Loop Giveaways?
The number one benefit is increasing your followers significantly. Although there's no guarantee and you don't know how a loop giveaway may turn out, it is possible to get anywhere from 500 to over 1,000 followers on one loop giveaway. I've had loops that produced up to 1,600 – 1,700 followers.

If you're a shop, usually doing a loop giveaway translates to making sales usually while a loop is happening. Usually a shop posts an item or two for sale during that which gets more exposure.

If you're a blogger, increasing your IG followers means more exposure and more opportunities to receive paid sponsorships.

How is the Winner Selected?
Once the giveaway is over, I ask the participants to submit at least 5 names from the "likes" and/or comments.

Hosts will draw the winners then using Random.org and you will be provided with screenshots of those names. Your friends, family, and colleagues are not allowed to enter.

How Often Should You Do Loops?
If you're relatively new to doing loops, the more frequent you do it, the faster you can increase your followers and break through the 10K which makes it easier for you to join loops with bigger accounts.

There are several members in this group that have joined my loops consistently until they were able to break through 10K, 20K, and 30K.

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