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HI! My name is Lynne and I am an Entrepreneur Babe! I currently live in Pearland, TX (a suburb of Houston) but my home for a decade since we migrated to the United States was Miami, Florida.

My mom is a single parent who raised me and my older brother in the Philippines. She has established a custom-tailored dress company and that has been the source of income for our family for so many years. She grew the business from one man band to something like close to 20 employees in a short period of time. I grew up in this business environment and believed that I have acquired my mom's entrepreneurial spirit.

When I was growing up, I would ask her to buy me stuffs to sell. Being the supportive mom that she is, in our boutique, she dedicated a small spot for me and put a glass display container to put the items I was selling…which were pretty much hair bows, clips, bands, accessories, women's handkerchiefts, etc. I do remember not being able to give any money back to my mom for her investment because I would always allow people to buy on "get it now, pay later" basis! But as a kid, just being able to sell an item or two, was fascinating. Of course, my mom didn't mind. For all she knew, she was just being supportive and trying to find out where my inclination was.

Later on, my creativity started to itch, and I was not satisfied just selling anymore. I wanted to create something. So I convinced my mom to allow me to create and sell wedding favors to her clients, which she did. Fast forward, I'm now an adult, and still in business. Ironically, I finished a Bachelors Degree in Medical Technology and am self taught in graphic and web interface design. I currently own a graphic and web design company called Exirus Creative, which I started in May of 2008 and now successfully serving small businesses, non-profits, and churches in the United States.

Aside from being creative, I  love music and I love singing.  I also love posing in pictures. *Smiles* Feel free to visit my fashion blog at

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I hope that I can provide you with helpful information in this blog in your journey to entrepreneurship!



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